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The Dance Of The Sandhill Crane

We live in Hernando County, Florida. Interesting wildlife is always a short drive away. Today we didn’t have to take a short drive. All we had to do was look out our back window where we were lucky enough to have a pair of sandhill cranes walk past our house.

As we watched them, all of a sudden one started to dance. As soon as the dance began, I ran and got my camera. I was lucky enough to get outside to catch some of the dance on film, well digital film, so to speak.

Sandhill cranes mate for life. Their bond lasts until one of the mates passes away at which time the surviving mate seeks a new mate. During the mating season, sandhill cranes perform dancing displays, which is most likely what I was privy to seeing on this occasion. Dancing is common in the breeding season, but sandhill cranes can dance all year long. Their dancing involves bowing, jumping and wing flapping, all of which I caught during this photo session.

Browse through my photo gallery and experience the “Dance of the Sandhill Crane.”