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Kayaking Kings Bay and Three Sisters Springs with Hunter Springs Kayaks

Crystal River, FL, is a cute little coastal city that sits about 75 miles north of Tampa Bay. Crystal River rests along spring-fed Kings Bay. Crystal River is the home of the National Wildlife Refuge. Here manatees are sheltered year round.

In Crystal River you will find Three Sisters Springs Wildlife Refuge. Three Sisters Springs features close up views of manatees via their boardwalk. In the cold winter, hundreds of manatees seek the warm water refuge of the springs. The manatees, the crystal clear water of the springs and the surrounding flora creates an amazing viewing experience.

One of the best ways to experience the area is while on the water. There are a few different ways to get out on the bay and into the springs. We rented kayaks from Hunter Springs Kayaks.

Hunter Springs Kayaks offers a wide variety of rentals. They have clear kayaks, paddle boards, canoes, regular kayaks and hybrids. You have many options to choose from which will make your on water experience one to remember. Parking is limited at Hunter Springs Kayaks, but you can find free public parking just two blocks away at the corner of 1st Avenue and 5th Street. After you park, just walk two blocks south on 1st Avenue and Hunter Springs Kayaks will be on your right. After you book your kayak, your on water experience starts at Hunter Springs Park. Hunter Springs Park is just another four blocks south of Hunter Springs Kayaks. The whole set up is rather convenient.

Once on the water you can enjoy kayaking in Kings Bay and into the Three Sisters Springs area. We took our kayak trip at the end of June when the Gulf and Kings Bay water temperatures were warmer. In the summer you will find a few manatees in the bay area, but most of them are no longer resting in Three Sister Springs. In the winter hundreds of manatees can be found in Three Sister Springs where the water temperature is a constant 73 degrees. In the winter, kayaking into Three Sister Springs may be restricted as to not disturb these gentle mammals.

Mother and Baby Manatee in Three Sisters Springs. Taken April 2019

Before your kayak trip, you are required to watch a video on the proper way to interact with the manatees. You can google various resources which will inform you on proper manatee interaction etiquette. You can also go to for more information on the rules regarding manatees.

On our kayak experience in June, we were lucky to see two different manatees. We saw one by Hunter Springs Park, just after we started our adventure and we saw another one in Kings Bay. The scenery in and around Kings Bay and Three Sister Springs is breathtaking. The people at Hunter Springs Kayaks were friendly and very informative. They will make your first experience on the water a positive one and any return trips equally as exciting.

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