great dane

Enter Mango The Florida Great Dane And New Florida Adventurer

When we purchased our Florida home, we were excited to bring our beautiful Great Dane Roxy with us to the sunshine state. Sadly, Roxy passed away a year ago in January of Osteosarcoma. It was a tough loss and we think about her every day.

Memorial to Roxy

We now have been in Florida since late July. We have taken many adventures, but miss having a dog. Carrie started surfing various dane sites. We have considered many options. Last week she came across a few danes up for adoption that live near us. Long story short, we found an eleven week old blue brindle dane that lives a little more than hour from us. We contacted the breeder and then had to wait.

The breeder replied. We filled out the breeder’s application. We were accepted!

Mango found a stick.

We took a ride on Sunday to meet this new dane who has been christened Mango. When we arrived this puppy was let out the door. Her big paws were flopping as she tried to run over the leaves and grass. Her marking is called brindle. She is a blue brindle to be exact. Her eyes are a green and her fur is like a loose coat ready to be grown into.

Mango comes to our home on February 3rd, 2021. We missed our walks with Roxy. Now we can take our walks with Mango. When food drops on the floor, we no longer have to get a broom. Mango will be our vacuum. We will be back to warm snuggles on the couch as we watch tv in the evenings and comforting dog snores as we sleep at night.

Most of all, we look forward to new adventures in Florida with Mango.